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The Long Way I Came Host- Andrea Poole

Hey, you stunning human! 

My name is Andrea Poole, creator and host of the podcast series 'The Long Way I Came.'

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I am always looking for new connections and opportunities.

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A Little About Me

I always felt like an outsider and didn't belong in my hometown. I always knew I would leave. I knew I wanted more.

I was always drawn to the outcasts, other outsiders, and the people who were different from the mainstream: the nerds, the punk rockers, musicians, the gifted or GATE kids, artists, LGBTQ+ folks silenced by our rural community, theatre kids, Academic Olympians, creative writers, and kids on the spectrum. I came to call these people Unicorns because they were so very different and unique. I truly love them for being different. Still do.

You see, Unicorns recognize other Unicorns. There is an unspoken connection as if you understand each other even though you have just met. You are kindred spirits, old friends. You feel like you have known each other forever or in a previous life.

When I married my amazing husband Michael, whom I will frequently gush over because he's an absolute dream, I left behind everything I'd ever known in the hills of East Tennessee. We live a beautiful life filled with love, laughter, and fun here in Colorado!

We adopted four feral cats in 2021 and named them after New Girl characters: Nick, Jess, Schmidt, and Cici. You will hear about them on the podcast at some point because they are a massive part of our lives!

Amidst the pandemic and working remotely, I decided that I would love to bring fantastic people together through insightful discussions on a podcast. The concept is simple: each episode features a topic, me as the host, and at least one guest co-host. We will share our stories and experiences with vulnerability and honesty. 

Can't wait to share it all with you!


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